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The uniquely designed collection suits all skin tones. Dazzling and unique, this style is bold yet natural enough to easily and instantly elevate any look.


Features soft hydrogel material and FDA-approved technology for long-lasting comfort for everyday wear.

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Myeyebb Colored Contacts

Why Try Colored Contacts?👀

There are plenty of reasons to check out colorful lenses:
Change up your look
A pair of cheap colored contacts can provide a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to changing your everyday look. With comfortable prescription lenses in a range of colors that work for both light and dark irises, you can change up your eye color as often as you'd like.
Give your cosplay a finishing touch
When it comes to cosplay, it's the details that really put it over the top, and after you've spent so much time on your outfit and props, why not go the extra mile with colored contacts? A pair of colored lenses can help tie the whole thing together, whether it's as simple as adjusting your own eye color to better match the character's, or creating a completely inhuman look.
Create special effects
If you work in film, theatre, or just have a special occasion planned, there's nothing like a pair of colored lenses to bring your monsters, ghosts, and zombies to life. Well, metaphorically speaking, at least! With a huge range of colorful and striking lenses, including full scleral options that cover the entire surface of the eye, you'll find just the lenses required to create stunning practical effects.
Types of Colored Lenses
Did you know that Myeyebb offers more than three hundred different lens styles? We're your one-stop-shop for colored lenses, no matter what shade you might be hoping to find! Even better, we also offer a full range of colored prescription lenses, so even if your vision isn't perfect, your style can be.
Prescription Lenses
With most styles available in strengths ranging from 0.00 all the way to 8.00, our prescription lenses are the perfect way to get the look you want without having to compromise how well you see! Prescription lenses are not opaque, so they're not available in quite as many styles as plano lenses, but you might be surprised how many different options there are!
These styles cover only the iris of your eye using vibrantly printed patterns for a naturalistic look, but you don't need to stick with subtle if you need prescription lenses! You'll find plenty of exciting styles, like metallics and multi-color options, all available in your prescription.
Plano Lenses (as known as non-prescription contacts)
If you've already got 20/20 vision but want to change your eye color, plano lenses are the way to go! These lenses don't provide any alteration to your vision, but they can definitely change your look. Plano lenses come in a huge variety of colors, as well as specialty patterns and styles.
Since many varieties are opaque, this opens up options even more than for prescription lenses, including styles that appear to change the shape of your pupil. There are even scleral lenses that can change the color of both the white and the iris of your eyes for a very dramatic look.
Whether you require prescription lenses or stick with a plano lens, you'll get high-quality lenses that are comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at. Even better, they're designed to avoid interfering with your vision. The colored elements of the contact are placed to leave the center, over your pupil, crystal clear—unless you choose from our selection of scleral or special effects lenses, which can provide full-color coverage across the entire surface of the eye.

Can Everyone Wear Colored Eye Contacts?