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Top contact lens wholesaler in China-MYEYEBB is a brand owned by a contact lens manufacturer.

Maybe you found a lot of suppliers, comparing prices and services. But we are honored that you found us, our unique style and brand style may be one thing that impresses you. Our advantages are as follows:
1. Prescription available for All styles 👀
2. Competitive price
3. Exclusive pattern: square lens and heart lens
4. Customize owned Brand for customers
5. Free event banners and tutorials

We provide the largest ranges of colored contact lenses around the world including natural cosplay,Halloween,and many other classic series.lf you want to wholesale contact lenses directly from the manufacturer, MYEYEBB will be your good choice.

With our experience in the field, we will greatly assist you with your wholesale program! Contact us via email and WhatsApp for more details.
  • contact@mail.myeyebb.com

  • WhatsApp: +852-46242076