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About Us

Product first, service first, keep improving, is the purpose of myeyebb.

MYEYEBB = eye wanna be better

We believe only users know what is best, not what we claim. We love listening to our customers and creating what they need.

We want to bring you the best quality products and keep you away from fake pictures, PS, and disappointment after receiving products for trial, but at the same time, let's be honest here, colored contact lenses are a product that varies from person to person , 10 Individuals wearing the same color may not have the same effect, it depends on the color and size of the pupil. Therefore, in order to show you the most realistic effect, we try our best to take real upper eye pictures for your reference for each product. I hope you can have a pleasant shopping experience with myeyebb.

At the same time, after so many years of deep cultivation in the color contact lens industry, we have been developing and designing blue contact lenses that people really want. I know some blue lenses look unnatural, but many people would like to have a pair of blue lenses that are natural and cover eye color. This includes me too. So, let us look forward to myeyebb's new products in the future.