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Naruto Sharingan

Welcome to our Naruto Sharingan Collection for Cosplay! Here, you'll find a variety of MYEYEBB Sharingan-themed contact lenses, including the Magatama Red, Rinne Sharingan Red, Sharingan Bladed Cosplay, and Mangekyo Cosplay. Perfect for any Naruto fan looking to bring their cosplay to the next level, our lenses are sure to impress. Each pair is made with quality materials to ensure a comfortable and long-lasting fit. Shop our hot products now!

Naruto Sharingan Contacts

Naruto Sharingan Contacts

Are you a fan of anime? More importantly, are you a fan of Naruto? If the answer is yes, you will love the collection of Sharingan contacts at Myeyebb! The demand for costumes and cosplay increases every year and to keep up, we have launched a whole line of Sharingan Contacts.
We pride on bringing out the coolest Naruto Sharingan contact lenses that can adorn your eyes. No matter the demand, the style, or the preference, we have the snazziest range of contact lenses that will suit your look. You do not have to go for daily lenses when you are checking out our line of Sharingan Contacts.
Our lenses can be used for months. If you want to acquire the dojutsu, just like in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, you can do so with our range of Mangekyou Sharingan lenses.

Sharingan contacs for the Ultimate Cosplay

Complete the ninja look with Sharingan eye contacts. Our non-prescription lenses are the finest in the market and our Sharingan lenses are a continuation of our legacy. They are a great way to complete your look for any occasion. Whether it is for the legendary Comic-con or a fancy dress party, or even if you want to embrace the get-up like a true fan our lenses are for you!
The Sharingan lenses are not the only dojutsu we have in our arsenal. We offer a complete set of lenses that are akin to the ones like in the anime and the manga. From the famed Mangekyou Sharingan to the rarest of the rare, the Rinnegan, here we have it all. The best part about our range of lenses is the duration. We have lenses that you can use for a single day or ones that can be reused for months! Whether it is Sharingan contacts, Byakugan contacts, or Rinne Sharingan contacts, we have the most affordable line of lenses available.
Our line of cosplay contact lenses is designed to fit any cosplay and are the finest replication of the ones you have seen in your favorite Naruto episodes. Regardless of the complexity of the look, our lenses are designed to complete it.
Whether it is Kakashi's three-tomoe Sharingan or his cool Mangekyou Sharingan design, we have it. If you want to look the part of the Uchiha Clan, you need to have lenses that could fool the Hokage himself!
Our lenses have intense pigmentation, giving you the true colors of the Sharingan. These are designed to hide your natural eye color. Whether it is a deep shade of blue or bright green, our lenses only show the true prowess of the Sharingan, like in the anime and manga. Looking like your favorite character has never been easier.
Despite the challenges of completing a cosplay of some of our favorite characters, our line of lenses will not disappoint. From Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan to our beloved Naruto Uzumaki's Toad Sage mode eyes, Myeyebb will be your first stop. If you are still looking for options, we have put together our list of lenses that can help you complete the shinobi look you are looking for.
* Red Sharingan Contacts: The Sharingan is the most famed dojutsu in the Narutoverse and our range of lenses are perfect for any kind of cosplay. From Kakashi Sharingan to the beloved Itachi Sharingan, we have it all. Our lenses are designed to complete virtually any cosplay. It comes in 1 year for when you want to wear the contacts.
* Neji's white Byakugan contacts: If Neji Hyuga is your cosplay, our range of Byakugan lenses is perfect for you. No matter which Hyuga Clan member you wish to cosplay, our Byakugan contacts fit perfectly. While our lenses won't give you the power to see chakra points, it can certainly charm others into thinking you have acquired real Byakugans!
* Rinnegan contact lenses: The Rinnegan is the ultimate evolution of the Sharingan and if you want to show everyone that you are the ultimate shinobi, there is no better way to do it that than with our Rinnegan lenses. Our lenses are ones that the sage of the six paths would be proud of and will win you praise from virtually everyone.
* Other Naruto lenses: From Kaguya Otsutsuki's Rinne-Sharingan to Kurama's tailed beast eyes, we have contact lenses that will do justice to their anime and manga counterparts.

Naruto Colored Contacts

It is our quality that makes our lenses worth the money. Myeyebb wants to assure you that it is not just the likeness that is the most redeeming quality of our product, but rather, it is the process behind it that makes our lenses the best in the business.
We employ an extensive manufacturing process to ensure that every lens we make is safe and comfortable for use. Whether it is for a world-class cosplay convention or a simple meet-up among fellow Naruto enthusiasts, your eyes will look the part.
Our lenses are CE-approved, meaning they are of the high quality and are perfectly safe for use. Every single one of our lenses is made with careful supervision. We aim to make it safe without compromising on quality. Whether it is the intricate Sasuke Sharingan or the godly Rinnegan, with our lenses you will be looking the part.

History of the Mangekyou Sharingan

Perhaps the most fabled dojutsu in the Uchiha Clan, the Mangekyou Sharingan is one of the most powerful eyes in the series. The word Mangekyou translates to "Kaleidoscope copy wheel eye". It is said that whoever possesses the Mangekyou Sharingan is said to have "heavenly eyes that can see the truth of all creation without obstruction". In the history of the Uchiha, only a handful have awakened it and only one non-Uchiha, Hatake Kakashi, possessed the Mangekyou.
To awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan, a user must undergo an event of extreme stress. This usually relates to suffering a grave loss, specifically when they witness the death of a loved one. The loved one does not have to be related by blood.
In the case of Itachi Uchiha, he witnessed the death of his beloved friend and mentor, Shisui Uchiha. Of course, there are also ways to gain the Mangekyou by unfair means. In the history of the Uchiha clan, a lot of members slaughtered their own families to gain the Mangekyou as quickly as possible.
While the Sharingan has a common look, the look of the Mangekyou differs with every individual. Although the theme of the Sharingan still remains consistent. It is predominantly black and red, and each user has a unique pattern in his/her eye.
When it comes to abilities, there are very few dojutsu that grant its users the same powers as the Mangekyou. It enhances the user's genjutsu ability, perception, and grants its users special powers. This power is unique to each user and each eye can have a different power. This is best illustrated in the cases of Obito and Shisui, who had different abilities in each eye.
The Mangekyou has many secrets, such as the ability to transfer the power of the eye onto another Sharingan user, which was demonstrated by Itachi when he gave the Amaterasu to Sasuke. Another advanced ability is that the eye can be programmed to activate in the future when it comes into contact with another Sharingan.
While the Mangekyou Sharingan might be extremely powerful, it does have a drawback. A severe and continuous usage of the eye will put a severe strain on the user's body. It also drains a tremendous amount of chakra. Its long-term effects are far worse, where the user slowly starts to lose their sight as they continue using the Mangekyou's abilities. The only way to prevent the deterioration is by acquiring the eyes of another Uchiha, who is closely related.
It simply cannot be a Sharingan if it was taken from any member of the clan. It specifically has to be one who is related by blood, such as a sibling or a relative. It also takes several days for the eyes to function. Once the eye gets adjusted the user's eye becomes the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. The Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan allows users to combine the abilities of the previous user as well as theirs, making it extremely powerful.
It is said the wielder of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan can never lose the light in their eyes. In Naruto, only Sasuke and Madara Uchiha have been granted the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.