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The Ultimate Guide for Halloween Colored Contacts (2021 Tips)

Sep 27,2021 | Customer Service

Most everyone these days knows what Halloween contact lenses are these days, and are considered by the contact lens industry as cosmetic lenses. They're also called costume lenses or novelty contacts, but film professionals often call them special effects contacts. Aside from their name, these lenses are used to enhance any costume to a whole new level of realism for Halloween.

It's a long-standing relationship for actors and actresses, singers and performers, and entertainers of all types to use these lenses to help finalize their characters or personalities when they take on roles in movies and TV series, or for stage shows and concerts.

It's more common that Halloween contact lenses are simply cosmetic and have no change in your everyday vision while wearing them. These types of lenses are typically labeled Plano' and aren't used for vision correction like prescription contact lenses. Now that cosmetic lenses have increased in popularity so much, it's possible to buy FDA-approved cosmetic lenses that are available for those who are looking for specific lens prescriptions.

For the last 20 years, Halloween contact lenses have become more available to those who are looking to add more pizzazz to their Halloween costumes. You can easily see many brick-and-mortar stores and online websites selling these as soon as the Halloween season arrives. Even your local optometrist will include new varieties of Halloween lenses and will additionally measure and check your eyes before you purchase any pair.

But now that the Halloween season is approaching, shopping for the right pair of Halloween lenses has become easier than ever thanks to online websites that offer exclusive colors and styles. You can find more selection from professional webshops if you're also looking for these attractive reasons:

  • Affordability

It's always a plus to find Halloween and cosmetic contact lenses at a lower price than you'll find at a store location or from the optometrist. It's understandable to want to save money and find a good deal for an item you might only use for a single night or two. This is why online outlets can offer lower prices, making this type of special purchase more of a bargain than you normally would get anywhere else.

  • Range of Options

Because an online shop tends to have a wider selection compared to typical Halloween shops and opticians, you have better opportunities for choosing a style that fits the exact look you've been searching for. Online web shops also carry the latest designs and colors that aren't usually included at a typical store that still has stock lenses leftover from the previous year. This is why online sites have an advantage for offering more selection.

  • Convenience

Going to a Halloween store in person always involves driving to their store and you never know what they'll have left in stock. With online shopping for costume contact lenses, you never have to leave home. This makes it easier to shop online no matter where you are if you have a smartphone or tablet handy. Even if you have prescription lenses that you wear daily, ordering is simple if you have the prescription and measurement for your eyes.

This way, you can easily order Halloween contacts online that is your exact prescription without having to go back to your optometrist. Even if you don't wear contacts but wear glasses, you should always go to your optometrist to get an accurate eye test. They can properly show you how to put in contact lenses so it'll be easier to put them in when your online lenses arrive in the mail.

Where to Find the Best Halloween Contacts?

Obviously, if you're reading this now, you can already see there's a lot of choice for all types of colored contact lenses on this site. What you may not know is how great-looking contacts can improve and enhance your costume this year. With the costs of many costumes and accessories going up, it seems that colored contact lenses have actually dropped over the years. No matter how minimal your costume happens to be, contacts make a huge impact.



This means that you don't have to spend nearly as much as you would have spent on costume accessories if you think about how different your eyes can complete specific costume characters. Many of the most memorable Halloween costumes are as 'classic as they get' despite what anyone else has to say. And with what you'll save on getting your colored contacts ordered in time, you can splurge on additional accessories.

One of the best parts of Halloween contacts is the ability to create more of your ghoulish character based on how much your eyes make a big difference. But if you're curious about some starter ideas, we'll be glad to help you further. Here are some samples of classic monsters that everyone relates to already:

  • Vampire

In every culture across the world, the belief in vampires is still a relevant thought, besides all the great movies that made them even more popular.

It is said that the vampire feasts on so much human blood, the eyes are often the same color of blood. Perhaps your opinion is that these creatures are very devilish, so of course- red eyes will make you look more sinister right away.

Another ghoulish style is that some vampires have intense yet pale color tones that stand out right away, showing anyone near you that you've got a vampy style. But to get the best look, don't forget to wear some pale skin with perhaps a few veins traced on for added whiteness. You can easily find instant fang kits that are surprisingly realistic and fit over your real teeth.

Don't worry too much about costumes here since Vampires like to dress in whatever fashion they feel comfortable to blend in. People will instantly know what kind of monster you are right away and are often considered the coolest of all the undead creatures that come out at Halloween.

  • Robot

Robots have gotten very convincing lately with the ability to look just like every other person on the street. Although a clunky hunk-o-junk costume is going to get laughs these days, you can be the latest in bio-mechanical hunters with contact lenses that seem to be malfunctioning. Choose a style that gives you a simple android look or a sleek updated A.I. model that was sent back from the future...

You don't need to stick to Mesh & Screen contacts since robots are always easier to spot when they have symbols imprinted on their eyes. Don't forget that some pleasure-bots will have attractive doll eyes too. Modern robots are cool because no matter what you wear, you never need to make any excuses. Most modern robot costumes will be easy to spot since they're programmed to blend in.

What gives you away will certainly be your contacts and a little bit of rehearsed lines and a well-placed flashing light. You can get that plastic-looking skin with just a tad bit of iridescent powder dusted onto your face and neck after you've put in your robot lenses. If you really want to freak people out, dust yourself with UV-activated powder and get under a UV light.

  • Zombie

More than ever, zombies have found their way into everyday culture like never before. It seems that being dead (or undead) is another cool aspect of Halloween costume fun.

There are so many varieties of zombies now that you'll have fun mixing and matching the possibilities of creepy zombie contacts together. And with just the right touch of weed whacking and ripping up old clothes you were intending to donate anyway, you can't lose!

Zombie contacts can be intense with their piercing glare or faded and pale like you've dried out for way too long. Good thing the party you're invited to has 'brain-shooters' at the bar. With so many online video tutorials to make zombie makeup, you'll have no problem getting your skin to look appropriately rancid and scarred using just a few makeup accessories.

  • Cat-girl

The immense and ever-growing army of Anime Cosplay fans has given lots of Gamer Girls' the Purrrfect costume choice this year.

The cat-girl look is enhanced even further with a wide variety of cat contact lenses. The choice is all yours for the rainbow of colors that give sexy feline plenty of appeal. You'll find that another cool effect comes from cat lenses that glow under UV light for dance parties that let you strut your best moves.

Cat costumes always look better with well-placed cat ear hair bands and a slinky cat tail. Since cats are notoriously vain, what you decide to wear is meant to impress and long as you wear them loud and proud. Cats also look appropriate with dazzling eye makeup and a few carefully placed whiskers across your cheeks.

  • Werewolf

The legend according to werewolves means that some unlucky people will be howling at the full moon at least once a month. When it comes to being a werewolf for Halloween means that no party is complete without a ripping-good time from these party animals. You'll find that Yellow Cat Eye lenses or UV glowing cat eyes are always welcome on Halloween. As usual, werewolves always look as if they're still transforming, so you're in luck here.

You can add subtle accessories with a tuft of hair here and there and obviously wolfy-looking fake teeth. Werewolves also like to be big show-offs so your clothes can be as flashy as you like. Don't skimp on plenty of facial hair using fun fur and a bit of spirit gum.

Are Halloween Contact Lenses Safe?

Recently, there's been a lot of internet chat on the safety issues of wearing colored Halloween lenses. You'll be glad to know that all of these lenses are safe if you follow the guidelines for wearing them. They should always be FDA-approved lenses meant for cosmetic purposes only. There are too many stores that often sell sketchy contacts from suppliers who haven't checked their quality or approved manufacturing methods.

As long as you stick with lenses that come labeled with standard FDA approval, you won't run into any problems. But since contact lenses are technically medical products, you still need to practice proper safety guidelines while wearing them. The same would apply if you wear prescriptions contacts every day, so some protocols cannot be avoided. If you're planning on wearing Halloween contacts this year, here's what will keep you safe:

  1. Wash your hands

You want to have your hands completely clean and free from any kind of bacteria before putting your contacts into your eyes. This means you need to have a good anti-bacterial soap and allow 20 seconds of rubbing your hands and fingers together before washing them off. Be sure to remove all the soap from your hands likewise since you don't want soap in your eye either. Use paper towels to dry your hands rather than a bathroom towel.

This standard technique ensures that your eyes won't be irritated and get red and bloodshot from something that was on your hands previously.

  1. Before you start any makeup, you should put your contacts in first.
This makes it easier when you're in front of a well-lit mirror with plenty of light. You don't have to worry about getting any makeup from your hands into your eyes either, but always be careful about how you apply makeup around your eyes. Take your time and don't rush putting on eye makeup.
  1. At the end of the night, the first thing you want to do is remove your contacts.

Use a few drops of makeup remover poured onto a clean cotton ball to remove makeup around your eye. You can also use a baby wipe that is very gentle on your skin and around your eyes and won't cause your makeup to run into your eye. Don't be tempted to sleep with your contacts, since it only takes a minute or two to remove them.

After this, you can put your contacts into a contact lens case with an all-purpose cleaning solution. This way you can wear them again when you decide to dress up again.

  1. Only buy colored contact lenses that are FDA-approved, even if they're meant for Halloween.

The risks involved with buying imported knock-off lenses may be tempting, but you have no guarantee of their safety or quality. Not only do you risk your eye safety with no-name brands, but you might also have permanent damage that can result if you aren't careful. This is why only the FDA-approved colored contacts can be trusted to put in your eyes.

Halloween Makeup and Costume Contact Safety Tips

Halloween is always the best time of the year to be creative and dress up as someone or something else. Even if you're only going to do this once a year, no matter how involved it might be, you want to keep some important safety precautions in mind. And especially, if your costume is going to involve makeup, glitter, or powder around your eyes and your colored contacts. These tips will keep your eyes healthier and free from infection:

  • Costume Contact Lenses

If you're adding something to your costume that will be eye-turning, Halloween contacts will immediately get you a lot of attention. You don't want to seek medical attention from buying poorly made colored lenses from places that aren't looking out for your safety. This is why you need to be very wary of lenses sold at seasonal costume shops, beauty salons, vending machines, or from people selling them on the street.

The price is unbeatable and they look pretty decent but they can be made from materials that aren't approved. Most of the time these poorly made lenses will not fit onto your eyes correctly and some can be very dangerous to wear at all! Don't risk buying unapproved colored contacts for the same reason you shouldn't share your contact lenses with others. You don't know the number of risks that can come from sketchy contact brands.

  • Glitter

Glitter is a fabulous way to show off makeup and give more sparkle to your character. Glitter is also a problematic material that you don't want to get into your eyes. Even though most cosmetic glitter is made for putting on your skin, you want to be extra careful if you're applying it around your eyes. You also should know that not every glitter is meant to be on the skin and the type you find in hobby stores is made differently than a cosmetic grade.

Using the wrong shaped glitter that was meant for decorating paper can cause all sorts of eye problems if you use the wrong kind of glitter that isn't meant for make-up usage.

  • Makeup

Makeup is loads of fun if you like using it for your Halloween makeup. It's specially made to be applied to the surface of your skin. Since most Halloween makeup has a tendency to go bad if it's the cheaper stuff, you don't want to reuse old cream or liquid colors if they come from a tube. Even with some semi-professional makeup that comes in a creamy cake form in tins or plastic containers can go bad too if you didn't wash your hands when using it.

If you buy any Halloween makeup, you want to know that it's still fresh and isn't going to cause skin irritation. Just smell suspicious makeup to see if it has a bad odor. If something is wrong with it, don't try using it. Don't ever use expired makeup that has shows the date on it or has been shared with more than one person in your group. Always treat your makeup like a professional and don't share it with anyone except yourself.

This way you can expect that your worst scare on Halloween isn't coming from a trip to the emergency room due to a skin infection. Be safe and make the most of your colored contacts this year by following our helpful advice.