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Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes & Brown Eyes

May 17,2023 | MYEYEBB


There are two types of colored contacts: opaque and enhancer. Opaque contacts completely cover the natural color of your eyes, while enhancer contacts only enhance the color. If you have dark eyes or brown eyes, opaque contacts are your best bet for achieving a noticeable change in eye color.

Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes & Brown Eyes

1. FreshLook Colorblends
Fresh Look Colorblends are among the most favored colored contacts for dark or brown eyes. These contacts utilize a distinctive 3-in-1 technology that blends three colors seamlessly to generate a natural-looking shade. Fresh Look Colorblends are available in 12 different shades, such as green, blue, gray, and honey.
2. Air Optix Colors
Air Optix Colors are another preferred option among individuals with dark or brown eyes. These contacts utilize a silicone hydrogel material, enabling more oxygen to reach the eyes, thereby enhancing their comfortability. Air Optix Colors are available in nine shades, including understated hues like Pure Hazel and Brilliant Blue.
3. Acuvue Define Acuvue Define contacts are enhancer contacts that enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. They don't change the color of your eyes, but instead make them appear brighter and more defined. They come in three different styles: Natural Sparkle, Natural Shimmer, and Natural Shine. 4. Solotica Hidrocor Solotica Hidrocor contacts are famous for their realistic color shades and are a preferred option among celebrities. These contacts are available in 13 distinct hues, and the shade Mel, in particular, is quite popular among individuals with dark or brown eyes. With a high water content, these contacts are comfortable to wear.

Tips for Choosing the Right Colored Contacts

1. Consider Your Skin Tone When choosing colored contacts, it's important to consider your skin tone. Certain colors may not look natural on certain skin tones. If your skin has warm undertones, green or hazel contacts may appear more natural than blue or gray contacts, for instance.
2. Choose a Natural-Looking Color When it comes to dark or brown eyes, it's advisable to select a color that complements your skin tone and looks natural. Colors that are too bright or dramatic should be avoided since they may come across as artificial. 3. Consider the Lighting The lighting can significantly influence how your contacts look. If you anticipate being in bright sunlight, opt for a color that appears natural in that lighting. For indoor or low-light environments, select a color that remains noticeable but doesn't appear excessively bright. 4. Consult with an Eye Doctor Before buying colored contacts, it is imperative to seek the counsel of an eye doctor. They can help you select the suitable type of contacts and guarantee a proper fit. Moreover, they can offer recommendations on how to maintain your contacts and prevent any eye infections or complications.


Colored contacts offer a pleasurable means to enhance your appearance and experiment with new styles. There is a plethora of options for individuals with dark or brown eyes that look stunning and authentic. It is essential to select a color that harmonizes with your skin tone and to consider the lighting in which you will be wearing them. Always seek the advice of an eye doctor before buying contacts and adhere to their guidelines for proper care. With the right colored contacts, you can amplify your natural beauty and feel self-assured in your appearance.