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Differences Between Eye Contact Lenses With And Without Limbal Ring

Mar 06,2023 | MYEYEBB


Eye contact lenses are a popular alternative to glasses and contacts. They offer many benefits over the traditional options, including:


The limbal ring is the ring of iris that surrounds the pupil. It's important because it helps to protect your eye from infection, but many people don't know that it also plays a role in comfort when wearing contact lenses.
Eye contact lenses with limbal rings are more comfortable than those without one because they create a tighter seal around your eye and prevent moisture from leaking into them while you blink or move around throughout the day.

Limbal ring

Limbal rings are the rings of pigment around the iris. They help protect your eyes from bacteria, so they're important for eye contact lenses.
But what's a limbal ring? It's just a ring of pigment around the edge of your iris (the colored part). That's what gives you that distinctive "eye color." The limbal ring helps keep bacteria out of your eyes and keeps them healthy when wearing contacts over long periods of time.

Eye contact with limbal ring

  • Eye contact lenses with limbal ring are more comfortable to wear.
  • Limbal rings help protect the cornea from damage and infection.
  • Limbal rings can be added to regular eye contacts, but they're not always necessary for them to work properly.

Eye contact without limbal ring

If you're looking for eye contact lenses without limbal rings, you may be surprised to learn that they are actually the most common type of lens.
The lack of a limbal ring means that there is nothing to protect the cornea from abrasion and other damage when wearing them. This can lead to problems with infections, swelling or redness of the eyes (irritation), as well as discomfort during wear if not properly cared for.

Limbal rings are important for eye contact lenses

Limbal rings are important for eye contact lenses, as they help to make the eyes look more natural.
Limbal rings are the color of your iris (the colored part of your eye). This can be used to make eyes look bigger or smaller depending on what style you want to wear.


In conclusion, the main difference between eye contact lenses with and without limbal rings is the appearance of a ring around the iris. This ring makes the eyes look bigger and brighter, which can be very attractive for some people. The other important thing to remember is that limbal rings are not required for your eyesight to be corrected when using eye contacts; they're just for cosmetic purposes!