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Different Styles of Blue Contacts

Apr 02,2023 | MYEYEBB

Blue contacts offer a fashionable and adaptable option for lenses. Ideal for enhancing natural eye color, making a daring statement, or trying something different, blue contacts come in various tones, shades, and styles. This article will examine the different types of blue contacts to help you find the perfect pair.

Vibrant Blue

Vibrant blue contacts are perfect for making a bold statement. With a striking blue shade that stands out against any skin tone, these lenses are suitable for special occasions like costume parties or festivals, or even daily wear if you're feeling adventurous!

Soft Blue

For subtler blue contact, consider soft blue lenses. Ranging from icy pale blue to lovely aqua shades, they add a hint of color without being too intense, making them perfect for a subtle touch of blue.

Bluish Gray

Bluish gray contacts offer a distinctive option, blending blue and gray shades for a unique, mysterious look. They complement lighter complexions, providing just enough definition without being overly dramatic.


Teal contacts provide a rich, vibrant hue ideal for those who want to make a statement without going too far. Suitable for both light and dark complexions, teal contacts are sure to attract attention.


For a gentle splash of color without drawing too much attention, consider turquoise contacts. Their soft hue blends well with most skin tones, making them perfect for daily wear without being overpowering.

Deep Blue

Deep blue contacts are a glamorous option, featuring a regal blue shade that looks stunning on all skin tones. Ideal for special occasions or daring everyday looks, these lenses have a bold impact.

Amber Blue

Amber blue contacts are perfect for enhancing natural eye color. Merging hues of blue and brown, a cozy, welcoming shade is formed, which complements both light and dark complexions equally, providing adequate distinction without appearing excessively theatrical.
An abundance of blue contact options awaits, ensuring the ideal pair for your preferred appearance. Ranging from vivacious blues to understated turquoise, the possibilities seem endless! So, why not delve into the world of blue contacts and witness the transformation they bring to your look?