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What Hair Color Does Purple Contacts Match?

Apr 12,2023 | MYEYEBB


In recent times, the world of fashion and beauty has seen a surge in the popularity of colored contact lenses. Classic shades like blue, green, and brown remain in vogue, but more daring individuals are opting for vibrant colors like purple to make a statement. However, it's essential to note that not all hair colors complement purple contacts well. In this article, we'll delve into the most suitable hair colors for purple contacts and how to confidently rock this audacious look.
What Hair Color Does Purple Contacts Match?

Understanding the Impact of Purple Contacts

Before exploring the ideal hair colors to complement purple contacts, it's essential to grasp the influence these lenses have on your overall appearance. Purple, being a bold and dynamic hue, imparts a sense of drama and intensity to your eyes. For individuals with fair skin, purple contacts can make your eyes more prominent, emanating a mystical, ethereal charm. Conversely, those with darker skin tones can achieve an eye-catching contrast and bewitching eyes with purple contacts. So, which hair colors best harmonize with purple contacts? The answer depends on your skin tone and personal style preferences. The following guidelines will assist you in discovering the perfect hair color to match your purple contacts:

Guidelines for Choosing the Perfect Hair Color

Fair skin tones: With fair skin, you can explore a range of hair colors that accentuate your purple contacts. Options such as blonde, light brown, and platinum blonde create a gentle, feminine appearance. For a more edgy look, try bold shades like deep red or dark purple, which further highlight your eyes and produce a dramatic effect.
Medium skin tones: For medium skin tones, warmer hair colors help balance the coolness of purple contacts. Shades like caramel, honey, and chestnut result in a natural and vibrant look that harmonizes with your skin tone. Alternatively, a bright red or orange hue can create a striking contrast with your purple contacts, drawing attention to your eyes.
Dark skin tones: People with dark skin tones can experiment with hair colors that contrast and amplify the vibrancy of purple contacts. Burgundy, auburn, and dark brown shades create a rich, luxurious appearance that complements your skin tone. For a bold, daring look, opt for bright blonde or platinum blonde, which creates a striking contrast with your purple contacts, making your eyes appear captivating.

Styling Tips for Your Hair

With the right hair color in mind, it's time to consider how to style your hair to complete the look. Here are a few tips to help you confidently pull off this daring look:
Keep it simple: Opt for simplicity when wearing purple contacts. A sleek, straight hairstyle or a basic updo creates a refined, elegant look that complements your eye-catching color.
Play with braids: Braids can add texture and interest to your hair while maintaining focus on your purple contacts. Experiment with a fishtail braid or a messy bun with braided accents for a fun, playful appearance.
Accessorize: Hair accessories like headbands, clips, and hairpins can add a touch of glamour to your look and help you stand out. Consider a sparkly headband or a bold hairpin to incorporate some shine into your hairstyle.


In summary, purple contacts offer a daring, bold fashion statement that can elevate your overall look with drama and intensity. By selecting the right hair color and styling your hair appropriately, you can confidently pull off this daring look and be the center of attention. Regardless of your skin tone—fair, medium, or dark—there's a hair color that will enhance your purple contacts and help you make a statement. So go ahead, experiment with various hair colors and styles to discover the perfect look for you.