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Halloween Colored Contacts

Planning your next Halloween costume? Don't forget the Halloween contact lenses! One simple accessory can take your look from average to incredible, and with so many styles to choose from, it's never been so easy to find the perfect finishing touch for your look.

What Are Halloween Contact Lenses?

Halloween lenses are contacts designed for cosmetic rather than everyday wear. They include both "plano" contact lenses, which are purely cosmetic and provide no vision correction, and prescription Halloween contacts, which, though available in a somewhat smaller range of styles, can still offer both naturalistic and fantastical looks!
Cosmetic lenses are available in an incredible range of colors and styles, from subtle and naturalistic looks to wild, over-the-top shapes and patterns.
While most are "standard" sized lenses designed to cover just the colored portions of your eye, there are also larger lenses known as "scleral" or "mini scleral" lenses. These larger lenses change the color of the entire surface of your eye (or, for the "mini" varieties, create the look of an unnaturally large iris and pupil) and are ideal for special effects.
Though they're perfect for putting the finishing touches on your Halloween looks, these lenses are also great for cosplay, performance art, and even film and theatrical applications.
Today, the kinds of lenses that were once available only to the pros are easy to order from the comfort of your own home, and as lens technology has improved, these lenses are getting thinner, lighter, and more comfortable to wear as well.

Ideas for Styling Your Halloween Contacts

Almost every costume can benefit from the perfect pair of contacts, but if you need a little inspiration to get started, look no further! Here are a few ideas for styling your next Halloween look with just the right contact lenses.
* Animal Costumes
One of the most common uses of Halloween eye contacts is for animal costumes. This ranges from traditional animal look, like classic yellow Halloween cat eye contacts, all the way to impossible creatures like werewolves with green or golden eyes. When creating your look for an animalistic costume, keep in mind that shape and pattern are as distinctive as color.
A green lens with scale patterning is perfect for reptilian looks, while cat-eye lenses in a range of colors can help create looks ranging from regal lion to adorable kawaii kittens.
* Monsters and Grotesques
Whether your character is an undead vampire, a pallid ghost, or a shambling corpse, contacts are an absolute must for these horrifying characters. There are so many options to choose from! Opt for white-out scleral lenses for a long-dead zombie, or choose eerie, vivid green for a swamp creature fresh from the Black Lagoon.
If you're not afraid of gore, there are lenses printed with blood spatter or vivid bloodshot veins, but not every monster needs gore to look terrifying. For a Frankenstein's monster costume, all you need are two different naturalistic lenses to indicate that each eye came from a different body—paired with some creative makeup to denote slightly different skin tones and the "seams" that hold him together, this is a look that's every bit as unsettling as your average zombie.
* Cosplay
Got a particular character in mind? Contacts are a great way to get into character, especially with lots of options designed particularly to suit animated and illustrated characters. For these kinds of looks, choose flat, bright colors rather than more naturalistic printed lenses with variations in shade and hue. This will more closely emulate the look of 2-D animation or comic book-style printing.
Got a character in mind with particularly distinctive eyes? Not a problem. From bright red demon eyes to eerie white blind lenses, there's a pair of contacts for that.
* Subtle Changes
You don't need to get too wild with your costume look for contacts to tie it all together. For example, a pair of naturalistic green Halloween contacts might be all you need to provide the finishing touch on an elfin character, or a faint golden shimmer can hint at a supernatural element to your pre-transformation werewolf character without giving everything away immediately.
These looks are especially good if you require prescription Halloween contacts, since corrective lenses work best with subtle colors and patterns.
* Anything but Subtle!
Of course, on the opposite end of the spectrum, contacts can also put your costume right over the top. Full black-out lenses, bright red with star-shaped pupils, rainbow patterns, lenses with stripes and swirls, and all kinds of unexpected shapes and colors.
If your motto is "go big or go home," you can't go wrong with this kind of attention-grabbing lens. Some of these styles might impede your vision, as they cover not only the iris (or colorful part of your eye) but also the pupil. Make sure to try them on and practice wearing them before their big debut, and keep a case with fresh contact solution handy in case you need to remove them.

How to Find High Quality and Affordable Halloween Contacts

With the growing popularity of cosmetic contacts, it's not uncommon to see them available at your local costume shop or advertised across the internet. When it comes to choosing the right cosmetic contact lenses, however, there are a number of things you should consider.
Today, it's easy to buy contacts from lots of online retailers, but it's critical that you choose a reputable source. Poorly made or incorrectly packaged lenses can result in long-term damage to your eyes, so risking your health with an unknown manufacturer isn't worth it! At Myeyebb, we strive to meet or exceed all relevant safety regulations. Our facilities are fully licensed, and every set of lenses is carefully packaged to remain sterile until they arrive with you.
Cosmetic lenses used to be primarily hard plastic and were very uncomfortable to wear. Today, advances in printing technology mean that not only are cosmetic contacts available as soft lenses, but they're thinner and more breathable than ever. Our lenses are as thin as 0.08mm, which means that even at the end of a long day of wear, you'll find them just as comfortable as when you put them on! Superior hydration and breathability keep the lenses moist and perfectly placed until you're ready to remove them.
You can find lenses that are safe and comfortable, but if they're not offered in the styles you need, then the point is kind of moot, isn't it? We offer hundreds of different styles of cosmetic lenses, including those with prescription correction and special effects lenses not sold in most stores! From bright colors to fun patterns, you'll find the look you've been searching for among our style options.
Last, but certainly not least, you should consider the price of the lenses. The kind of colored contacts Halloween costumes call for can range in price depending on a number of factors, including whether or not they're prescription lenses.
Larger, or scleral, lenses tend to be more expensive than standard-sized lenses. At Myeyebb, we strive to offer not only high-quality lenses at cheap prices, but also to provide a better value for your money than other contact companies. Most orders ship for free no matter where you're located, and our special offers mean that the more contacts you buy, the more you save!

Are contacts for Halloween safe?

Yes! Cosmetic lenses from a reputable manufacturer are just as safe as prescription lenses you order from your optometrist. Keep in mind that you should always wash your hands with soap and water before placing or removing your contacts (whether regular prescription or cosmetic), and store them in a clean case with fresh contact solution when they're not being worn.
It's also important to discard your lenses when their lifespan is up, even if you aren't yet experiencing discomfort when you wear them, as they can start to develop protein buildup that can quickly make them uncomfortable and damaging to your eyes.

Can I still wear contacts for Halloween if I need prescription lenses?

Despite what you may have heard, prescription Halloween contacts do exist! Because of the requirements of prescription lenses, they aren't available in as many styles as plano (or purely cosmetic) lenses, but if you're looking to change your eye color to match a character or add a subtle air of mystery with less naturalistic colors, you can still get the effect you're going for without giving up your vision correction!

How long will my Halloween colored contacts last?

This depends in part on the style you choose. Currently our lenses have a life cycle of one year.

Remember to always remove your lenses before activities such as swimming or sleeping. If you experience discomfort with your lenses and it doesn't resolve with cleaning the lenses and giving your eyes a break, discard the lenses and start over with a new pair. They may be damaged or torn, causing discomfort.

Will Halloween contact lenses impede my vision?

The answer to this question depends on the lens you choose. Most cosmetic lenses are designed to only cover the iris of your eye, which means they shouldn't impede your vision except in very low light environments.

Other styles are designed to completely cover the pupil for a more dramatic look. These are sure to cause some vision impairment, even though most lenses of this type are printed in a fine mesh pattern to preserve some vision. Make sure whichever lens you choose, before you plan to make your debut, allow time to try them on and get used to how they affect your vision!

What stores sell Halloween contacts?

It's becoming more common to find a small selection of cheap lenses at your local costume shop or Halloween outlet, and of course, the internet puts all kinds of options at your fingertips. However, just because a store sells cosmetic lenses doesn't mean you should buy from them.

Make sure the brands are produced by a reputable company. When it comes to contacts, you can find a reputable seller like Myeyebb that offers a larger range of styles, better value, and the safety certifications to back up products!

How much are Halloween eye contacts?

Typically, Myeyebb lenses range in price from as low as $5.99 (USD) to as high as $79.99 per pair. The higher end of the price range includes special effects 22mm lenses that definitely aren't intended for everyday wear.

Cosmetic lenses used to be an expensive and hard-to-find accessory, but the times have changed! They're now cheap, safe, and easily accessible. What styles will you choose next?