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Cosplay Contact Lenses, Special Effect Color Contacts


Product information

Cosplay Contacts

If you are into comics, anime, and manga, chances are you have extensively searched for cosplay contacts. It is the one element in a cosplay setup that cannot be fabricated at home. Despite your best attempts, you may not have found the right contact lenses for your character.
There is also the issue of wearing a foreign object in your eyes to complete a look, which might not be the best idea. It is dangerous to put something in your eyes, one of the most sensitive parts of your body for the sake of completing your look.
Myeyebb has been in the contact lens-making industry for years. Our products serve one purpose, to complete your look. Whether it is a big comic convention or a small dress-up party, our cosplay contacts will ensure that you look exactly like the badass character you are trying to play. While you may be hesitant about trying out contact lenses that are replications of what you might have seen in your favorite game, show, or comic, one look at our products and all doubts will be put to rest!

Introduction to Cosplay Contacts

Are you a comic book fan looking for the final accessory that can complete your look? Headed to a comic con and missing the final piece of the puzzle? Or are you simply looking for a pair of contact lenses that will complete your look? Myeyebb is the place to be!
Our range of cosplay contacts, anime contacts, and Sharingan contacts are the finest in the market. These lenses are made with a precision that cannot be matched. So, no matter the costume or the look you are trying to complete, our products is the right choice for you.
So, you wear prescription glasses? No worries at all! Our contact lenses can be tailored to fit your prescription. These lenses are also FDA-approved and comply with all the European health and safety regulations. You can wear them without any worries! Our range of the best cosplay contact lenses also allows you to wear them for long hours without any discomfort.
We also have a range of prescription cosplay contacts that can be worn with any costume. It could be a character from a movie, anime, or manga! It could also be a character you have envisioned! We have a wide array of lenses that can bring your costume to life.
What about animalistic lenses? We have those too at Myeyebb. Our assortment of lenses has black slits that mimic that of animals. We also use our proprietary prism ballast technology that stabilizes the lenses, which stops them from rotating during usage. For those of you looking for the most wonderous and weirdest range of contact lenses, check out our website and take a look at some ideas and styles of cosplay contacts today!

Ideas of Cosplay Contacts

Who do you want to play during this season of cosplay and Halloween parties? Is it Voldemort or Sailor Moon, or Naruto? Whatever your choice may be, check out our range of cosplay contacts and complete your look today!
Our range of contact lenses makes it easy for you to complete virtually any look. From the powerful Sharingans to the funky Deadpool's white eyes, we have it all! Our lenses are made from the highest quality material and are pigment-rich. The lenses are brightly colored and are accurate to the ones you will see in your shows, movies, and comics!
Are you confused about which character you want to look like? Well, we have some ideas. Actually, we have some of the best cosplay contacts that can help you decide your character, after all, it is the eyes that complete the look!

Sharingan Contacts

Are you a huge fan of the Naruto manga and anime? Have you always wanted to look like you belonged to the legendary Uchiha Clan? Or are you a fan of the Copy-Ninja Kakashi Hatake? Whatever your preference may be, our range of Sharingan contacts is here to help you perfect your cosplay.
From the hree-tomoe Sharingan to the Manegkyou Sharingan contacts, we have a variety of designs for your costume! They can also be worn for up to 365 days, meaning you can continue your cosplay routine for months! We also have a white variant of the Sharingan contacts to help you take your cosplay to the next level. Grab yourself one of these lenses and become the ultimate shinobi!

Anime Contacts

Want everyone to be awestruck by the perfect anime cosplay? Are you lacking just the lenses to complete your cosplay look? With our range of anime contacts, you will be able to look like your favorite anime character. These lenses are not only very high quality, but they look like they are straight out of the anime verse!
If you want to add the Kawaii to your look, these lenses are just the thing! You can choose from our wide range of anime big eye lenses. We have natural tones as well as bold block colors that complete the doe-eyed look!
What's more, these lenses have the finest pigmentation, so no matter how deeply colored your eyes are they will be transformed into anime eyes!

FX Contacts

Want to use contact lenses that give the maximum impact in special effects? Look no further than our FX contacts! No matter the costume idea or design, we have the right range of contact lenses that will no doubt complete your look. Whether it is for a fancy dress party, a Halloween get-together, or even for short videos and movies, our lenses are a perfect fit.
We have a special range of contact lenses that can cover your pupil! These FX contacts are meant for those that want to stand out from the crowd. They are comfortable to wear and can also be used for up to 90 days.

Galaxy Contacts

Starry nights are best reflected in starry eyes, and for those of you that are truly obsessed with space and the wonders of the universe, our galaxy contacts can help you look like a space oddity!
Designed to awe anyone that looks your way, Myeyebb's range of galaxy contacts that transplant the beautiful starry night, right into your eye. Whats's more, these lenses are completely safe for use. They are approved by the FDA and are compliant with European Safety standards. If you want to look different for a party or an event, come get these lenses today!

Horror Contacts

For the fans of the occult and ghoulish things, the range of horror contacts on our website is just perfect! For those looking for the perfect complementary accessory for their spooky and scary costume, our horror contact lenses are just that. Our wide array of designs and colors will help you bring something special to the Halloween party or the comic convention.
We have a special range of Sclera contact lenses that are designed to turn your eyes white. This effect can enhance virtually any horror-themed costume and will have people giving you spooky stares. Those who look into your eyes will surely be frightened to their bones!

Prescription Costume Contacts

We at Myeyebb understand the plight of customers who have impaired vision. We know that you want to be a part of the crowd and complete your costume but are unable to do so because you simply do not get cosplay contact lenses that are prescription approved.
Those days of worry are over! We have developed our prescription cosplay contacts so that you can look like the badass character you want to! We have a selection of styles and colors, which will fulfill the need for any costume.
For those that have been missing out on cosplay action due to not having prescription cosplay contacts, it is time to grab a pair and get in on it today!

High Quality and Affordable Cosplay Contacts