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White Colored Contacts

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Ultimate Guide to White Contacts: Find the Perfect Pair for Every Occasion

Looking to make a dramatic statement with your eyes? White contacts might be the answer whether for a spine-chilling Halloween look, a stunning cosplay transformation, or just to stand out from the crowd. Navigating comfort, quality, and safety is crucial when selecting these eye-catching lenses. This guide dives into everything you need to know to choose the perfect white contacts without compromising on eye health. Get ready to captivate with confidence!
White eye contacts are some of the most striking contact lenses out there. Thereʼs nothing subtle about these lenses, which makes them the perfect finishing touch for cosplay or costuming, especially for inhuman (and often terrifying!) characters.
There are a number of different styles of white eye contacts, from standard-sized lenses that white out the iris and sometimes add further colors or patterns to your look to full scleral lenses that cover the entire surface of the eye. Whatever the style, white lenses are what is known as "plano" lenses, or lenses intended for cosmetic purposes only.
They wonʼt provide any correction to your vision, though because some styles of white out contacts cover the pupil as well as the iris, you might find they impede your sight a bit. Youʼll want to practice wearing them before you turn up at your costume party or convention!
Like most plano contact styles, white lenses range in appearance from naturalistic to downright impossible. Full white-out lenses can provide the filmy appearance of cataracts or otherwise damaged eyes and immediately indicate a characterʼs blindness.
Plain white out contacts are made using several different techniques, some of which use a mesh to limit vision impairment, while others provide better coverage for close-up photography.
But of course plain white contacts arenʼt the only options! There are lots of other styles available, and some are even more unnerving. Look for lenses that add splashes of red, swirls of black, or even a catʼs eye pupil to the whited-out background.
Whatever character youʼre looking to create, white lenses are a fantastic way to tie the look together and really bring your costume to life.
White contacts are versatile for both spooky costumes and everyday fashion, but it’s crucial to prioritize comfort, quality, and safety.
They come in various designs such as mesh and mini sclera for different effects, with the blind white effect being particularly intense for dramatic looks.
Always consult an eye doctor before using them, prioritize eye health by following proper care guidance, and buy from reputable sources.

Unveiling the Allure of White Contact Lenses

White contact lenses hold a certain mystique that other colored lenses don’t. They can completely transform your look by covering your iris and pupil with a white grid-like pattern, giving off an eerie and captivating vibe that’s perfect for Halloween. These lenses can make your eye color pop more and look more intense, enhancing your overall appearance. But they’re not just for Halloween; they can also be a striking addition to your everyday look, adding depth and contrast that really enhance your eyes.
Selecting the perfect pair of white lenses extends beyond design or color; it also involves considering aspects of comfort, quality, and safety. It’s important to consider the material of the lenses, how long you’ll be wearing them, and the type of contact lens solution you’ll need to keep them clean and safe for your eyes. But don’t worry, we’ll delve deeper into the world of white lenses and guide you on how to choose the perfect pair for your eyes.

The Transformative Power of White Contacts

White Halloween contact lenses have the power to take any Halloween costume to the next level. With their bold white color or grid-like pattern, they create a spooky effect that’s perfect for Halloween costumes and events. But they’re not just for Halloween, they’re also a hit for cosplay. Their versatility allows them to match a wide range of costumes and themes, making them a must-have for any cosplayer.
However, the transformative power of white contacts isn’t limited to Halloween and cosplay. They can also be used to create unique and captivating looks for everyday wear. Whether you’re aiming for a look that’s avant-garde or simply want to make your eyes pop, white contacts can be a game-changer. Just remember, comfort, quality, and safety should always be top priorities when choosing which white contacts to buy.

Selecting the Right White Lenses for Your Eyes

When it comes to selecting the right white lenses, comfort and quality are key. A good fit is paramount, and lenses should not cause discomfort during wear. Look for lenses that:
  • are made with high-quality materials
  • meet safety standards
  • are US FDA-approved
  • are made with FDA-approved materials
These lenses are a safe bet.
Before you make a purchase, consulting with an eye doctor is highly recommended. They can help ensure that the lenses will fit correctly and won’t harm your eyes. They can also provide a prescription and guide you on how to properly care for your lenses. Remember, eye safety should never be compromised for the sake of fashion.

Crafting Your Look: Types of White Colored Contact Lenses

White colored contact lenses, also known as white colored lenses, come in a variety of designs, each creating a unique look. From mesh designs that give a spooky effect to mini sclera designs that extend the white effect without covering the whole eye, there’s a white lens for every occasion.
The blind white effect, on the other hand, offers an enigmatic and intense look. By covering the entire iris and pupil, these lenses create the illusion of a white, blind eye. This effect is commonly used in Halloween costumes and makeup looks, especially for creating scary or zombie-like appearances.
Mesmerizing Mesh and Mini Sclera Designs
Mesh white contact lenses and mini sclera designs provide an eerie and captivating look that’s perfect for Halloween or cosplay events. The mesh design features a white grid-like pattern that covers the pupil and iris, creating a truly otherworldly look. While these lenses can impact your vision slightly, some designs allow you to see clearly despite the mesh pattern.
Mini sclera white contact lenses, on the other hand, cover the corneal surface and sit on the anterior sclera, creating an extended white effect without covering the entire eye like full scleral lenses do. These lenses are a popular choice for creating spooky makeup looks and zombie cosplays and are a great way to make your characters come to life.
The Enigmatic Blind White Effect
The blind white effect offers a sense of mystery and intensity that’s hard to ignore. These blind white contacts, also known as blind no pupil contact lenses or blind white lenses, cover the entire iris and pupil creating the illusion of a white, blind eye. They’re an excellent choice for adding an extra layer of intensity to your Halloween or cosplay costume.
While the blind white effect can be quite striking, it’s important to note that these lenses should only be worn under the supervision of an eye care professional. Improper use can lead to eye damage and other serious complications. Always prioritize your eye health when using any type of contact lenses.

Ideas and Inspiration for Styling Your White Contacts

One of the best things about white contacts is their versatility. They can be used for all kinds of cosplays as well as original costume and makeup looks. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired!
1) Cosplay White Contacts
There are so many specific cosplay characters that work well with white contacts—too many to list them all! But we couldnʼt resist listing a few examples to get those creative juices flowing.
Storm from X-Men
Whether youʼre channeling Halle Berryʼs character from the X-Men film franchise or her comic book counterpart, white lenses are a must since Stormʼs eyes go completely white when she controls her powers of wind and lightning.
Riddick from Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick
One of the key elements of Vin Dieselʼs character from this early 2000ʼs film franchise were his eerie silvery white eyes, which allowed him to see in the dark.
Chiana from Farscape
Like many white-eyed characters, Chiana (played by Gigi Edgley) didnʼt have permanently white eyes, but when a series of events left her able to catch glimpses of the future, her eyes turn white with vertical catʼs eye pupils.
Geordi from Star Trek: The Next Generation
Throughout this series, Geordi La Forge (played by LeVar Burton) is most frequently seen wearing his visor, a futuristic device that allows him to see despite being blind. Behind the visor, however, his eyes are cataract white.
Lilith and Alastair from Supernatural
Many characters in this series are noted for unusual eye colors, particularly the demons. Two such characters, Lilith and Alasair, have milky white eyes that are perfect to portray with contacts.
Gyomei Himejima from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Despite his blindness (signified by blank white eyes) Himejima becomes a strong and capable demon slayer in this series.
 2) General Costume Ideas
Beyond specific characters, there are also broad classes of creatures and character types that are perfect for white contact lenses.
Itʼs almost a given that zombie costumes need white or foggy contact lenses, especially if theyʼve been dead—or undead—for a while. This is supposed to signify the desiccation and damage thatʼs occurred since death, indicating that the creature is very much no longer human. White zombie contacts can be worn in both eyes, or, for an even more unnerving look, try using just one lens. For a gorier look, consider trying out white lenses with added "blood splatter."
Like zombies, ghostly characters often use white contacts lenses to demonstrate their otherworldliness. Sometimes these provide a full white-out effect through the use of white sclera contacts (those that cover most of the eyeʼs surface), and sometimes theyʼre a more translucent look that helps give a faded, dulled look to the eyes, as if the character is peering through the veil of the afterlife.
Oracles and Seers
Another very traditional costuming trope is the blind seer. By losing their sight in the here and now, these characters gain supernatural abilities to see into the beyond, and itʼs often signified through the use of white lenses. Some characters (like the cosplay characters listed above) may use lenses only sometimes, such as when theyʼre channeling powers, so if youʼre using lenses to portray a character over time, make sure you have comfortable, high quality lenses that you can remove and place repeatedly.

Caring for Your White Lenses

Proper care and handling of your white lenses can significantly reduce the risk of eye infections and ensure the longevity of the lenses. Here are some tips to follow:
  1. Always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your lenses.
  2. Avoid using tweezers or tools to remove them.
  3. Carefully follow the wearing schedule provided by your eye care professional.
  4. Use the prescribed care products to clean and store your lenses.
By following these tips, you can keep your white lenses in good condition and protect your eye health.
When it comes to cleaning, hydrogen peroxide-based solutions are recommended for white contact lenses. They do an excellent job of cleaning, disinfecting, and storing the lenses. Don’t forget, adhering to the lens replacement schedule is crucial for maintaining both the performance of the lenses and the health of your eyes.
As captivating as white contact lenses can be, it’s important to remember that safety should always come first. Wearing contact lenses, especially colored ones, requires proper care and attention to ensure your eyes stay healthy and safe.
Symptoms such as:
  • decreased vision
  • light sensitivity
  • discharge
  • redness
  • white spots on your eyes
could indicate problems with your contacts. If you experience any of these symptoms while wearing white contacts, it’s important to remove the lenses and consult an eye doctor immediately.
The Role of an Eye Doctor in Contact Lens Use
Regular eye check-ups are a must for contact lens users. Most adults are recommended to have an eye check-up every one to two years, but if you’re using contact lenses, you might need to visit your eye doctor more frequently.
The role of an eye doctor is indispensable in ensuring the safe usage of white contact lenses. They can:
  • Assess your eyes
  • Identify any vision or health issues
  • Determine if contact lenses are suitable for you
  • Provide the right prescription
  • Help ensure the lenses fit correctly
  • Monitor your eye health over time
Keep in mind, using white contact lenses or white out lenses without the guidance of an eye doctor could result in ill-fitting lenses, eye scratches, painful sores, or even severe infections. To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to wear white contact lenses only under professional supervision.

From Celebs to Cosplay: Who's Wearing White Contacts?

White contact lenses are not just for Halloween or cosplay enthusiasts; they’ve also made quite a splash among celebrities. Big names like:
  • Jennifer Anniston
  • The Jenner sisters
  • Amber Rose
  • Paris Hilton
  • Lady Gaga
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Ivanka Trump
  • Kiara Advani
  • Priyanka Chopra
have all been spotted rocking white contact lenses, setting trends and inspiring others.
In the world of film, actors like Halle Berry and Rebecca Romijn have donned white lenses to bring their characters to life on the big screen. And let’s not forget the musicians, like Hopsin and Azealia Banks, who use white lenses in their music videos and performances to enhance their artistic image.
Spotlight on Celebrity Style
Celebrities often turn to white contact lenses to make a fashion statement or enhance their on-stage personas. Rockstar Marilyn Manson is known for his signature look with white contact lenses, while rapper Kanye West grabbed attention with his white lenses at the Met Gala, making headlines and becoming a hot topic among his fans and the media.
But it’s not just about making a statement. White lenses are also used by celebrities to enhance the depth and intensity of their eyes, making them pop on the red carpet. Whether it’s for a music video, a performance, or a red carpet event, white lenses have found a place in the world of celebrity fashion.
Cosplay Creations with White Contacts
In the world of cosplay, white contact lenses are a hit. Cosplayers use white lenses to bring their characters to life, adding depth and intensity to their looks. Characters from anime, movies, and comics often have distinctive eye colors, and white lenses help cosplayers achieve that authenticity.
But using cosplay white contacts is not without its risks. While these lenses can really amp up a costume, they can also harm your eyes if not used properly. Always consult with an eye care professional before using white lenses for cosplay, and ensure that the lenses are comfortable, fit well, and are of high quality.

Where to Buy High-Quality White Colored Contacts

Finding high-quality white colored contacts can be a challenge, especially with the plethora of options available online. Trusted retailers like Myeyebb offers a wide range of white colored contacts. To make your search easier, consider looking to buy white contact lenses from these reputable sources.
While online shopping for white contacts offers convenience, ensuring the quality and safety of the products you buy is of utmost importance. Beware of vendors that don’t require a prescription or those that don’t provide information on contact lens hygiene. Always check customer reviews and do your research before making a purchase.
Online Shopping Tips for White Contacts
Online shopping for white contacts provides a vast array of choices at your disposal. However, it also comes with risks. To avoid counterfeit products, shop from reputable retailers and look for red flags, such as vendors that don’t require a prescription or don’t provide information on contact lens hygiene.
Before making a purchase, follow these steps:
  1. Get a thorough eye exam and make sure your prescription is up-to-date.
  2. When looking at customer reviews, pay attention to the overall rating and specific feedback on things like quality, comfort, and durability.
  3. Take note of any common issues or complaints to get a better idea of the potential downsides of the products.
By following these steps, you can make a more informed decision when purchasing eyewear.
Identifying Quality and Authenticity
For the sake of your eye health, it’s crucial to identify quality and authentic white contact lenses. Good white contacts should have a high water content for comfort and hydration, and they should allow oxygen to pass through to keep your eyes healthy.
Look for FDA and CE certifications to ensure the lenses follow international health and safety regulations. Avoid buying from sketchy sources and don’t rely solely on influencer recommendations. Always check customer reviews and do extensive research before making a purchase.
Always remember to prioritize the health and safety of your precious eyes, especially when using eye contacts.
White contact lenses offer a unique way to transform your look, whether it’s for a Halloween party, a cosplay event, or simply to make a fashion statement. While the allure of these lenses is undeniable, it’s crucial to prioritize eye safety and ensure you’re buying quality and authentic products. Always consult with an eye care professional before using white lenses and follow proper care and handling procedures to keep your eyes healthy. So, are you ready to make a bold statement with white contact lenses?

Can you see with white contacts?

Yes, you can see through white contacts as long as they don't cover your pupil. Some styles might partially or completely block your vision, though.

Is it safe to wear fake colored contacts?

Yes, white contact lenses are safe as long as you buy them from a reputable seller and have a prescription.

Who Cannot wear scleral lenses?

Patients who have had corneal transplants are at greater risk for corneal edema and graft rejection, making them unable to wear scleral lenses.