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Yellow Contact Lenses


Yellow Colored Contacts

Yellow Colored Contacts

Yellow contacts are a unique option because they fall on either side of the line of "that looks impossible!" There are definitely plenty of wild-looking yellow lenses, like black and yellow scleral contacts that no one could mistake for a normal human eye, but there are also subtler looks that offer a golden hue to your normal eye color, leaving passersby to wonder, "did I just see what I think I saw?"
Unlike many colored lenses, yellow contacts are available both in plano styles (lenses that are made purely for cosmetic effect) and with prescription vision correction.
Of course, prescription correction is only available in some styles, since plano lenses often use opaque printing that interferes with vision and makes correction impossible, but those who require corrective lenses can often find styles that allow them to both change their eye color and forgo the use of glasses—nothing quite tones down the wow-factor of your alien queen cosplay like having to put your glasses on just to see where you're going!
Overall, shades of yellow and gold are ideal for costuming and cosplay. With yellow-eyed characters ranging from aliens and vampires to demons and mutants, there's no shortage of existing pop culture reference points for your next project, and with so many styles available, you'll be able to find lenses that match the look you're going for with relative ease.
These lenses' versatility means it's easy to come up with original yellow-eyed looks as well. Yellow eyes are found throughout nature (think wolves, foxes, cats, reptiles, owls, and more!), which means they are ideal for animalistic costumes or for humans with animal traits, like werewolves, kitsune, or other shapeshifters.
In normal humans, yellow in the eyes can be an indicator of illness, so it's a look our brains instinctively associate with "something bad and dangerous." That's why so many villains have yellow eyes, so if you're designing an original bad guy, feel free to draw on those primal human instincts and use yellow eyes to immediately put viewers on their guard.
Whatever use you decide to put them to, yellow lenses are a powerful tool to have in your kit as a costumer or makeup artist, so it pays to have a few high-quality options on hand for when you need them.

Ideas and Inspiration for Styling Your Yellow Contacts

Unlike bold, impossible colors like red or pink, or black, yellow eye contacts can be subtle enough for everyday wear, and some styles are even available with prescription correction. But they're also perfect for creating cosplay characters or original costume and makeup designs. If you're planning to go beyond yellow gold eyes for daily wear, here are some ideas to inspire your next looks!

Cosplay Characters

There are so many distinct characters that have yellow eyes! Some (often the villains) are reptilian yellow, while others use yellow green contacts to give them the look of cats or other predators. Whichever character you opt to create, the right pair of lenses will finish off the look perfectly!
X-Men characters
In this franchise alone, there are lots of characters to choose from! Mystique, Jean Grey (as Phoenix), Toad, Nightcrawler, and Sabretooth all have varying shades and styles of yellow eyes.
Disney's Hercules
In this animated film, Hades and his cronies feature fully yellow eyes with black, iris-less pupils. Lenses are a must to pull off this look!
Crowley from Good Omens
In reference to this demon's storied past (he was apparently the snake responsible for tempting Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden), his eyes remain golden and reptilian even when he takes his human form, though he often hides them with black-lensed glasses. A pair of yellow snake eye contacts would provide the perfect touch to this cosplay.
Darth Maul from Star Wars
What a look! With prosthetics, costuming, and some serious makeup, this is a cosplay that calls on all your skills. Without the right lenses, though, it would fall completely flat.
These characters from Japanese folklore are shape-shifting foxes who, in their human form, can be identified by their distinctive golden eyes. They appear in both Eastern and Western pop culture, like Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic series.
Original Costuming Ideas
Yellow eye contacts are perfect for signifying a character's supernatural origins, especially if they have ties to an animal (like werewolves) or the demonic. But since yellow eyes do occur naturally in many creatures, they also work well to indicate that a character, while not supernatural, simply isn't human. Here are a few broad categories where yellow lenses might come in handy!
This is an absolutely classic look for werewolves, and it can be seen in many films and stories: the yellow-eyed wolf-man is sure to grab attention, whether you're planning it for a Halloween costume, a convention, or for a performance of your own. But wolves are only one option. Why not opt instead for a were-lion, or were-tiger, where cat-eye lenses can provide a contrast to the usual wolf-ish look?
Reptilian Characters
While we don't typically see traditional "were-creature" style characters with reptilian backgrounds, there are still plenty of looks that call for a snake-like appearance, and, short of a full set of scales, nothing indicates a reptilian background quite as quickly as those haunting, flat yellow eyes.
Another classic for yellow lenses, demonic characters with yellow eyes are also easy to find in pop culture. The series Supernatural even referred to one character as "The Yellow Eyed Demon" for a time, and unlike some epithets, they meant it literally! Often, the best lenses for these