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13 Celebrities Who Wear Colored Contacts

Jun 23,2021 | Customer Service

Celebrities are always looking for new ways to give their appearance a stunning vibe. While the eye color may look like a minor trait, it can transform how someone looks – if the hue is striking.

It’s no surprise colored contact lenses are now a rising trend among Hollywood celebrities. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Here is a rundown of celebrities who wear colored contacts and look fabulous.


Every time Paris Hilton steps to the public, you’ll see her blue contact lenses - you may have never seen her natural eyes.

Although her true eye colors are brown, the lenses give her a signature image that sells. For a more dramatic effect, she opts for large lenses that cover the eyes. There’re rumors that the colored lenses are custom-made for her. Of course, she has been wearing contact lenses since her twenties.

Unlike other celebrities that focus on one color, Paris isn’t afraid to switch from brown or anything in between. It’s believed that the lenses feature six different color tones. But no matter the lenses she chooses, her appearance is simply amazing. Her fashion statement never fails to impress, thanks to her eye color.

Paris is one of the most controversial celebrities around no wonder she dominates many gossip columns.


Kylie is arguably one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood.

While her natural brown eyes are stunning, she has been spotted a couple of times wearing blue contact lenses. And they compliment her luscious blond looks – dark hair and warm skin tone. Her personal favorite is solocita color contact lenses.

Without a doubt, blue eyes are highly coveted by beauty lovers. According to her followers, this could be her latest beauty accessory.


Angelina Jolie is a famous Hollywood actress with charming and gorgeous looks. She’s a beautiful woman who feels the need to change once in a while.

While she favors her blue eyes, you can also spot her with green contacts during special occasions. Her colored contact lenses help her make a statement and compliments well with dark hair color.


Ivanka is a celebrity heiress who always wear colored contacts to cover her natural brown eyes. Her favorite choice is green and blue contacts.

And with the lots of pictures from the Huffington Post, it clear she has been wearing the lenses for a long time. If you look at her photos taken two decades ago, they look different compared to those taken when she was a child. But it’s understandable why she needs a little pop in her eye color.

For many years, Invaka has graced our screens in The Apprentice (US version). She’s also a successful businesswoman with a line of an expensive collection of bags and jewelry. Being a renowned entrepreneur, the contact lenses help her make a statement. Ivanka's natural eye color is dark brown.


Naomi is not the kind of celebrity to shy away from.

We can’t deny that her natural eye color is electrifying but wait until you see her blue-colored lenses. And she’s never shy to experiment with her look. Is there something she can’t do?

The supermodel is known to change her looks and can rotate between blue and brown eyes. In an interview, Naomi stated she uses contact lenses to enhance eye color.


Since her first breakthrough in a popular TV show the Friends, Jennifer has earned a spot in her career. She has featured in other movies like Along Come Polly, and He’s not that into you. And we all know she worked hard to make a name for herself. Some years back, Jennifer used to wear glasses – which did a good job.

She later started to wear colored contact lenses with a blue tint. When we combine her beautiful looks, everything works well for her. Of course, this is what she uses to brighten up her day-to-day style.


While Nikki Minaj is known for colorful hairstyles, her colored contacts give her a signature look.

Her natural eye color is brown. However, she often switches up with green and blue contacts.

In her music video Super Bass, her eyes feature grey, brown, or greenish colors. Similarly, the eyes changed in the music video Trollz when she wore dark blue contacts. She has now made colored contact lenses part of her signature look.

On a different occasion, her eyes looked like Otaku Honeymoon Ocean. And looking at the photos, she must have used Frost Blue contact lenses. But we’re yet to see her on stage with abnormal eye colors. You never know, she can wear pink contacts that match her hair.


Hayden is a popular celebrity who has won the hearts of many fans.

She’s famous for her outstanding role in the `Heroes’ film and Nashville (TV series). Although her big eyes are her thing, she loves to enhance her looks with green and blue contacts.

Panettiere has confessed her addiction to using contact lenses. She has beautiful natural dark eyes but you’ll find her wearing green and blue color tints. You can easily differentiate them from her original eye color.

When we look at her photos, it’s clear she uses colored contact lenses to enhance the looks or ad a bit of flavor to the outfit.


Kanye West is one of the best rappers of modern times.

He was first spotted in public wearing colored contact lenses during the Gala 2016. The striking blue contacts made him the talk of the event the moment he arrived. And at the end, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were voted the best-dressed couple.

In another separate event, the rapper wore Balmain style and colored contacts that turned his eyes to an icy shade of Whitewalker blue. While it was not clear why he opted for blue eyes, we can assume he wanted to match the color of the jacket.

For many people, choosing colored contacts was a bold move for Kanye West.


When Michelle Keegan appeared at the TV BAFTA awards in 2018, she looked stunning in the lemon yellow dress. But it’s not just the gorgeous outfit that helped to turn heads. Her makeup was on point.

However, there’s one thing we were not expecting at all – the colored contact lenses. And this made Michelle look extra glam that night. It was not easy to note the difference until she posted a different photo on her Instagram page. Her makeup artist also revealed the secret behind the look – she used Mesmer Eyes color contacts for $6.99 (one-time use).

But it was not the first time the 33-year old used this trick to enhance the look. She wore bright blue contact lenses in 2017 during the Brit awards. As she marched down the carpet, Michelle outshined other superstars.

She even gave a hint by saying `I love the change of the eye color’.

Michelle also gave some advice that the best contacts don’t irritate the eyes or make them water. For those who want to follow in Michelle’s footsteps, they must match the lens with the outfit.


If you remember Gagas Bad Romance song, you must have noted the giant doe eyes. Well, those weren’t natural. But as it turned out, the enhancement was not just about the size – the honey color was breathtaking.

Since the lenses feature three different colors of brown, you can’t tell whether someone is wearing contact lenses.

But what caught the attention of many is that the lenses were 3mm bigger in diameter than the original eye.


Robert wears contact lenses, not for fun but to suit his role in Twilight movies. When playing a vampire, he had worn contacts that look red or amber.

In an interview with a local newspaper, he said initially he had trouble putting in the contacts, and there had to be two people holding him down.

Robert rose to fame in 2005 in the film Harry Porter. You can watch his latest role in The Childhood of a Leader film.


Orlando is a renowned actor famous for his amazing role in Simpsons.

If you’re a movie enthusiast, you may remember his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Kingdom of Heaven and the Rings. Recently, Orlando took the role of ambassador for UNICEF.

If you’ve been a fan of this celebrity, you must have noted his brown eyes turned blue - and they are marvelous.

At the time of the War of the Five Armies, there was something odd with what he did with his eyes. And in the Lord of the Rings movie, Orlando was supposed to wear contact lenses, but he forgot. In some parts, his eyes looked brighter to enhance visual effects.

It’s believed that the blue color lenses feature different tones of blue to give a realistic look.

Final thoughts

Ever wondered why celebrities look so good on the red carpet? Well, they have a harem of stylists to guarantee perfection. But there’s one item on the beauty accessory kit that doesn’t cost a fortune – colored contact lenses. If you have seen the above celebrities, you know the glamorous effect they have. Whether you want to change the eye color or enhance it, colored contacts are a sure bet.