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About Us

Jun 03,2021 | he jiali

MYEYEBB are a small group of cosplay and fashion fans who share one thing in common. Our love for getting creative and using great colored contacts for costumes is just part of the story.

We consulted many special effects makeup artists who worked with cosmetic lenses used for movies and TV shows to learn more about where the best lenses come from.

As you already know, cosplay events have grown into a huge phenomenon that brings together a wide group of enthusiastic and highly creative people. This allowed us to find new vendors and contact lens suppliers who often create special lenses for creatures and characters in all sorts of movies and entertainment. Since then, we’ve joined together to create a unique one-stop online shop for all of your cosmetic and colored lens needs.

We feel that our passion for great lenses goes beyond what other online stores have to offer. So we felt that our selection of lenses should include top-quality products and specially colored lenses will give you more selection than ever before. Our mission is to bring everyone incredibly brilliant and realistic looks that help complete your character. Not only does this gain you more confidence, you complete your character’s eye color too.

  •  Safety first (FDA, CE & ISO verified)

This is one area that we insist is the most important part of wearing contact lenses. All of our suppliers have been fully vetted for including two essential requirements that help ensure your eye safety. The first is CE or commonly known as "European Conformity" and is often listed on the front package of every product that has been tested and fulfills the rigid standards of the European Union.

Not only do CE-approved products pass essential health and safety requirements, but you can also be assured that our colored contact lenses are 100% safe.

The second is ISO which covers the International Organization of Standardization, which is a certification that we’ve been verified for our products. It’s the highest standard that helps build and implement better quality management of our products and services. We have a very dynamic customer satisfaction policy to ensure the highest level of quality products. This also allows us to track the consistency and manufacturing methods of our lens suppliers.

Last but no least, the certification of FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Our contact lenses are certified by FDA, which is the sure-fire mark of quality and safety.

  • Price-friendly 

We know exactly how price affects any decision to buy online contact lenses. When we started years ago looking for quality lenses, the prices for top-quality brands were much higher. Thankfully, new materials have brought these costs down, so we can offer our cosmetic lenses at much lower costs overall. Since we buy our lenses in bulk, we can further offer special pricing that is even more attractive.

We also know that Cosplay and special costume lenses are even better when you can get special offers. Buying a couple pairs of lenses instantly gives you a free pair using our promo code. The more you buy, the better the deal gets, so you’ll have a whole collection of great lenses that you can mix and match. This gives you more freedom to pick and choose and customize your look even further.

  • Trustworthy factory

Being an online store starts with building up a relationship with our contact lens suppliers and their manufacturing factories. We want to know how they produce their products and ensure that our customers are getting safety-approved products. Too often, there are contact lens manufacturers that are being imported from Asia. Too often these lenses aren’t following the EU and FDA safety guidelines and can a hazard to your eyes.

We only work with companies that offer approved lenses and products that are following contact lens safety policies. No matter what type of lens you buy, we want you to know that you’re getting colored contacts that will be safe to wear. You can’t trust other online stores that aren’t being upfront about where they buy their lenses. More and more uncertified lenses are flooding the market causing many eye-related injuries and problems.

  • Variety of products 

We are confident you’ll find a generous selection of lenses that come in every color of the rainbow. If we don’t have a color or design you’re looking for, you can always contact us to find out more info. We continually add new styles every month, so our selection continues to grow bigger and bigger. Because Cosplay and Halloween costumes have become so popular in recent years, our huge selection can’t be beat!

Yet, we also have an impressive selection of Anime and Sharingan lenses that you can faithfully replicate the look of all your favorite Anime characters. Don’t forget that we also have added our newest arrivals for 2021, just in time for new Cosplay events and Halloween fun. If you’re social media Cosplay and fashion makeup, you’ll find that we offer satisfying selections of natural colored contacts to enhance your beauty.

  • Unique contacts designs

Are you looking to find a look that fits your mood or personality? There’s something about colored contact lenses that’s for everyone! Whether you’re the star of your own Youtube channel, streaming gamer, or fashion guru, contact lenses will make you stand out like never before. Our lenses aren’t just for Halloween or Cosplay events, so these can be your daily signature look adding to your personal style.

Now you can take your online persona to a whole new level using a fresh new contact lens look. Give your eyes a different appearance every day of the week or give yourself a signature-trend look that will turn heads! No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect pair of contacts right here. Because we have the best prices and offers, you can easily find cosmetic or prescription lenses with little effort.

Colored contacts are our business, so you’ll always be sure to find the best selection from top-shelf manufacturers. So let us be your guide for learning how to change your eye color today.