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What are the Best Colored Contacts for Dark & Brown Eyes?

Jun 17,2021 | Customer Service

Expressing yourself with a unique style and appearance is now more possible than ever. Gone are the days when a person can only change up the way they look by altering their hair color, makeup, and wardrobe.

Now, absolutely anyone can take advantage of the transformative effects of colored contacts for dark eyes. Whether you're changing up your l look for a special event or you just want to look a little bit different as you go throughout your daily life, the best colored contacts for dark eyes have you covered. All you have to do is find the right pair of lenses, which is precisely what we at Myeyebb are here to help you with today.

Do Colored Contacts Work on Dark & Brown Eyes?

In the past, you had to have a specific shade of eye color to be able to enjoy a change of look with colored contacts. Thanks to advancing lens crafting technology and more sophisticated coloration techniques, our designers can now create colored contacts for brown eyes that fully hide the natural color of your irises.

The key to achieving this completely transformative effect is using a strong enough layer of coloration to create lenses that are fully opaque. While other lens choices are able to have some transparency in their design, this usually can't work as well with the wearer has brown or dark brown eyes. Using a combination of opacity and vibrance, however, people of all eye colors can now express themselves with colored lenses.

Why Dark Eyes Need Special Attention When Choosing Color Contacts

Just as it is with dyeing a darker hair color or painting over a darker shade, it's harder to fully cover up the existing eye color when the irises are naturally dark. That's why contact wearers with brown or dark brown eyes need to take some special considerations that people with blue or green eyes don't necessarily have to think about before they make their purchases. Luckily, there are easy ways to tell if any given lens type is opaque enough to work for your unique eyes.

When shopping for colored contacts for brown eyes, it's important to check the specifications for the lenses and ensure that they've been made with your eye color in mind. While the technique and technology are now to the point where these specialty contacts are possible, it's not the standard for all lenses. With lighter eye colors, colored contacts can get away with considerably higher amounts of transparency and other design choices that simply don't work with dark brown eyes.

As long as you double-check that the product description specifies that they are colored contacts for dark eyes, you can be sure that this is a pair of look-transformative lenses that will truly work for you.

Will Blue Contacts Work on Brown Eyes?

It might seem impossible for someone with naturally dark eyes to be able to pull off blue contact lenses, but it's fully possible with the amazing options at Myeyebb. The key to masking your natural irises is using a coloring technique that is extremely vibrant and as opaque as possible.

While the specific shade of blue might vary from person to person depending on how dark your eyes are, what shade of brown, and the shade and style of blue that you end up going with, you can guarantee that your look will be completely altered by how full of life your eyes become once you put in your new contacts.

Will Green Contacts Work on Brown Eyes?

Similar to the situation with blue lenses, people with brown eyes can still experience the aesthetic-altering effects of green contacts provided they have enough vibrancy in the shade and design. A lack of transparency is also critical to covering up brown irises to fully make the transformation possible.

The great news is when you go with green contacts over top of brown eyes, the ultimate effect is something that looks completely natural and fitting. A key part of making the artificial nature of the lenses as inconspicuous as possible is the transition towards the pupil, at the center of the eye, using various patterns like yellow or beige specks.

Which Color Contacts are Best for Dark Brown Eyes?

The safest bet for anyone with a darker eye color if they want a look that appears as natural as possible is to lightly tone down the original shade of their irises. For many people in that situation, the best colored contacts for dark eyes are hazel or honey brown.

This is a subtle change that will still make others look twice and take a moment to wonder what's so different about you all of a sudden.

That's not to say that the more vibrant and daring options aren't just as available to those who want to make a more dramatic change in their look. From electric blue to catlike yellow, all manner of designs and colors are completely possible to people with dark eyes. Just as long as the design is opaque enough and has enough vibrancy in its shade, you can confidently select from a wide variety of options. Whether you need prescription color contacts for dark eyes or no prescription at all, you can find something perfect for your eyes at Myeyebb.

Colored Contacts Ideas for Dark Eyes

Wearing colored lenses isn't something that just has to be limited to a party or convention. You can wear colored contacts for daily use to make even the most average day just a little bit more special. It truly enhances your mood and overall disposition to know that you've taken this small step to express yourself and show others how you truly feel on the inside.

If you usually wear glasses and you want to alter your appearance even further, you might consider prescription color contacts for dark eyes. These are just as effective as non-prescription contacts when it comes to covering up your eyes' true color, and it gives you a whole new playing field of expression. When you get your glasses frames off your face, it can open up a whole new window and allow people to see you in a whole new light.

Not to mention, when it comes to dressing up in costumes for conventions and parties, you can more accurately portray the character or celebrity that you're going as by losing the glasses without having to be blind the entire evening.

 (feature image credit: Jolien Van Hoof)